The CEO Daily Challenges

By Elie and Mia Habib.

With great power comes great responsibility, as the old saying goes. CEOs in any industry understand this as the pressure they face in their positions can weigh very heavily on their shoulders. While many people, when discovering someone’s position as a CEO, think of how great the CEO must be doing for themselves, those people may be underestimating the mental and emotional toll it has on them regardless of the potential financial reward. 

In a great article posted to by Eugene Kim, the challenges of being a CEO are brought to light in the form of different input from various CEOs. While there are many challenges talked about in the article that are a little bit more of common knowledge for the workforce, there are some challenges talked about that would take a further understanding of leadership roles to know about. The challenge that stood out the most in terms of lack of obviousness for a CEO was “You have to wear many hats and figure out which ones to try on.” Before certain roles get appointed to their respective employees in the companies, one of the challenges CEOs face is picking these roles and working with them for a little bit before deciding if this role could be beneficial to the company. While this is only one example of the many different stressors CEOs face, it just goes to show the potential ways in which people underestimate just how much responsibility and decision-making is required of a CEO. 

Although there are a number of people who are better equipped to handle all of the stress and responsibility of a CEO, there can still be a large chance of burnout if not handled properly. In an article from the Harvard Business Review by Elizabeth Grace Saunders, six causes of burnout are discussed along with their respective solutions. While these six causes can vary in significance from person to person, the main point of this article is to get readers to understand that burnout does not just mean you are tired. Burnout can be a whole different array of things, and it is important to look at each of those six (among others) potential causes and improve those to the best of your ability before deciding to give up. 

As an executive, it is up to you to remind yourself that you were put into that position due to many reasons, but specifically your ability to create sustainable and beneficial solutions to the problems you face regarding the company. However, before being able to do such a thing, it is crucial to understand the problem first. In terms of the stress CEOs are under, all employees along with the CEO alike can work to better understand what is not allowing the company to perform at its best potential and go from there. 

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