Preparing Developing and Delivering Presentations
Duration: 1 day
Minimum Participants: 8
Maximum Participants:
Cost: $700.0 per person


This highly-rated course introduces students to the fundamentals of creating a presentation. Students will discuss the components of a good speech or presentation, and then they will learn how to develop their own. As students work through the activities, they will write and deliver three short presentations in class. They will be introduced to a variety of delivery techniques that include building rapport with the audience, using body language and humor, and facilitating a question and answer session. Students do not need to have any prior experience. They only need a desire to improve their presentation skills.

Table Of Contents:

Unit 1: Introduction to Communication
Topic A: Communication

Unit 2: Preparing your presentation
Topic A: The presentation process
Topic B: Presentation purpose
Topic C: Audience analysis
Topic D: Presentation structure

Unit 3: Developing your presentation
Topic A: The conclusion
Topic B: The introduction
Topic C: The body
Topic D: Transitions
Topic E: Rehearsal techniques

Unit 4: Delivering your presentation
Topic A: Gearing up
Topic B: Personal motivation
Topic C: Rapport and credibility
Topic D: Voice and body technique

Unit 5: Using humor and visual aids
Topic A: Humor
Topic B: The question-and-answer session
Topic C: Visual aids

Unit 6: Using what you’ve learned
Topic A: The implementation phase
Topic B: Resources and tools