MotivaimCoach – Our Approach

We focus on addressing the right challenges facing the leaders of the organization, understanding the people impacted, and the desired business results.  We focus on the people we are coaching, the teams we are designing the solutions for, and the people being directly or indirectly impacted.

In the age of  growing reliance on Big Data and analytics, executives today are flooded with new information and knowledge on a daily basis. How do they cope with, absorb, understand, and assimilate it become crucial to their decision making and strategic planning, in addition to other traditional responsibilities. We understand the new challenges and we are here to help.

We start by having meaningful  conversations with the executive, and immerse ourselves with their community in order to develop deep knowledge of their challenges.

We review the insights and trends with our team council, and encourage strengths-based assessments for the executive and their immediate internal network. We also explore pressure exerted by invisible internal forces such as processes, culture, mindsets, relationships, inflow of information, as well as business and market realities.

The developed solutions usually include relevant  leadership and managerial training, and optionally, teams and groups coaching and alignment activities.

Using iterative Lean Innovation techniques, we focus on the essence of the proposed solutions, and we facilitate a design-measure-validate loop that generates rapid success stories, culminating in long lasting proven benefits to the executive and the organization.

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December 13, 2019

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