Audience:  Founders, Executives, Sr Managers, Team Leads and group sessions (10-25 participants)

Objective: On-going development of leadership skills and people coaching.

Leadership Development:

Developing effective leaders is imperative for any organization to be competitive, and a critical investment to make in your people. Our leadership development programs focus on identifying, developing, and engaging leaders to unleash their greatest potential to work for you. We offer a portfolio of solutions, from flagship and specialized programs to customized programs and services.

Individual and Team Assessment tools and Behavior Improvement

Allow individuals and teams to gain insights, how they think, make decisions, interact with others, and manage conflict. Conduct personal strengths assessment using one of the many certified tools we offer or conduct 360 surveys with your direct and indirect network using certified tools or in-person survey. Our trainers are certified in most of the renowned tools, and will transform your life forever.

Leadership & Management Development Curriculum

Leadership Fundamentals   Motivating and Empowering Others
Effective Mentoring Relationship   Critical Thinking
Emotional Intelligence EQ
Situational Leadership
Building & Leading Teams

Presentation Skills Curriculum

Acquire unique skills to develop content, story-line, visual aids and effective delivery for maximum business impact.
Technical Presentation Excellence            Executive Presentation Excellence
Presentation Excellence Customer Presentation Excellence

Business Acumen Skills Curriculum

Develop unique and transformative skills and tools for increased productivity and efficiency
Mastering The Virtual Training Achieving Meeting Excellence  
Strengths-based Development Program Techniques for Better Conversations
Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving Developing Interpersonal  influence

Interpersonal Skills Curriculum

Develop core communication and relationship management skills for influence and leadership
Relational Communication Communicating using Myers-Briggs
Non-Verbal Communication Managing Difficult Conversations
Intercultural Communication

Lean Innovation, Agile and Project Management Curriculum

Learn new tools and methodologies to develop and release new products that work for your customers while optimizing resources and time
Introduction to Project Management Lean Innovation Model
Strengths-Based Project Management Lean Innovation Leadership in the Enterprise
Advanced Project Management Lean Innovation Mentorship and Frameworks
Certified Training Programs Include:
Situational Leadership ® II (SLII® & LABII ® – Leadership Behavior Analysis ®
Myers Briggs Type Indicator, Step I & II (MBTI®)
Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI)
Targeted Selection® most proven accurate behavior-based selection system in the world
Understanding your unique strengths
Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation – Behavior ™ (FIRO)
Emotional Quotient Inventory (EQ-I 2.0)®