Organizational success depends viably upon the people you hire! Matters not what scale your business operates in, if the resources and expertise at the disposal of the “Human Resource” department of your organization are limited, the chances are that you would be unlikely to expand your organizational scope of operations and you will witness a lag in achieving your corporate goals! Additionally, as the labor policies and laws change from state to state, you need to consult with the HR experts at MotivaimCoach to avoid the risk of non-compliance including financial penalties. MotivaimCoach has the experts and understanding to help you today!


The Ultimate HR Consultants

Being the Expert Human Resources Consultants, our specialists at MotivaimCoach aim to provide your organization with the consultancy services that would sort out the mess in a nutshell! By investing time in making sure that the current workforce you have onboard is utilized in the most preeminent manner, our effective HR Procedure Consulting services ascertain immense productivity in your existing workforce! Not only that, but we also make sure that the future hiring needs for your organization are even met in the most deliberate ways possible! Our expert HR Policies Consultants can propose a solution for your organization if your organization has been facing the following problems:

  • Unmanageable Process of Hiring New Employees
  • Your organization’s Employee Handbook and policies are outdated
  • Your employees are under-trained in the matters of sexual harassment, conflict resolutions, etc.
  • You are not sure if your employer is compliant with all local HR Policies and regulations
What Are Our

HR Services Offerings

The expert HR Policies Consultants at MotivaimCoach are renowned for all the right reasons. Our detailed HR Services program provides imminent training that is centered around best practices and methodologies that include the following:

Employee and HR Handbook Update & Online Automated Alerts

CEO & Leadership Employee Relations Coaching

Online Sexual Harassment Training

Sexual Harassment Training

Employer Policy & Procedure Consulting

Employer Compliance Consulting

Employee & Leadership Training

Event Speaking

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An Insight into Our

Proficient Training Programs

Our HR Services and Training Program includes the following preeminent aspects that are proven to yield the desired results. All of our HR Training Programs are offered as “Group Training Sessions,” customized to your organizations’ specific needs. We give you the ease of access; this is why we focus on conducting these programs at your premises! Depending on the size of the group that you want us to work with and the duration of the training sessions, our prices vary. Not only that, but we also offer pieces of training in multiple formats that would efficiently suffice your needs to the fullest.

Leadership Level Set: The 4 Corners of Employee Management Success

Leadership Reality Workshop (follow up working session to above)

Tenured & Tired, New & Nervous: Closing the Skill Gaps of Junior & Senior Leaders

Sleeping Dragons: How the Toxic Employees You Let Stay, Drive Your Talent Away

Tough Performance Decisions: How to Manage Employees Up or Out

Mission & Vision: How to Create Your Companies Quest for Greatness

CA Compliant Harassment Prevention Training for Supervisors

CA Compliant Harassment Prevention Training for Employees

What Areas Do We Cover in Our

Customized HR Training Services?

With a wide range of areas that we cover, following are some of the HR topics we provide additional consulting, webinars and public speaking engagements in:

Recruiting the workforce of the future

Employee Motivation & Performance Management

CA Compliant Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees

CA Compliant Sexual Harassment Prevention for Supervisors

Winning at Human Relations

Successful Resume Writing

Wage & Hour HR Basics’

Cannabis in The Workplace

Alternative Workweek

Unconscious Bias’s

Sexual Harassment

Diversity in the Workplace