Diversity in the Workplace
Duration: 1 Day

Putting diversity to work in today’s organization is everyone’s job. More and more, organizations are seeing that true success occurs on not just one, but on three bottom lines: profit, people, and planet. This book focuses on the business case and best practices for bringing the best out of all kinds of people. It is written for people who manage people and care for the places in which people work.

Making the Business Case for Diversity

Part 1: Enabling Your Organization to Embrace Diversity
Improving the Bottom Line Through Diversity
Taking Advantage of Diversity in Your Organization
Identifying Your Stakeholders on a Mind Map
Facilitating Stakeholder Synergy
Five Organizational Traits That Support Diversity
Diversifying Your Organization’s Supply Chain
Benchmarking to Improve Diversity Practices
Embracing Diversity Strategies from Benchmarking
Return on Invested Capital (ROIC)
Recognizing the Sings of Success

Part 2: Developing Yourself to Embrace Diversity
Common Ideas About Diversity
What Exactly Is Diversity?
66 Ways We Differ
Exploring Your Values
Rethinking Your Biases and Assumptions
Learning About Others
Becoming a Diversity Leader
Making Diversity Your C-H-O-I-C-E
Getting IN-IN-IN to the Diversity Mind-set
Transitioning Through Change
Progress Check

Part 3: Leading and Communicating
Outlining Diversity Competencies for Managers
Communicating Face-to-Face
Asking Questions to Create Rapport
Increasing Employee Involvement
Ten Tips for Managing Multicultural Employees
Putting Diversity to Work Electronically
Showing Your Organization’s Diversity Online
Leading and Managing Diversity Online
Using Electronic Tools Effectively
Ten Tips for E-Mailing Across Borders and Cultures
Progress Check

Part 4: Diversifying Your Workplace Successfully
Recruiting for Diversity
Examining Your Attitudes About Job Candidates
Rethinking Your Beliefs
Questions to Avoid During an Interview
Finding Employees Who Will Stay Long-Term
Introducing New Employees into the Organization
Retaining Diverse Talent
Choosing Employees for Promotion
Supporting Diverse Leadership Styles
Encouraging Input from Everyone on the Team
Analyzing Diversity Challenges
Understanding Conflict Resolution Styles
Managing People in Conflict
Dealing with Sexual Harassment
Progress Check