Customers Presentation Excellence and Public Speaking
Length: 2 days
Minimum Participants: 8
Maximum Participants:
Cost: $1100.0 per person


Provide participants with a broadly applicable, skills-based communications program for:

  • presenting to executives, customers and other demanding or challenging audiences
  • increasing effectiveness in quickly distilling key ideas into actionable business solutions
  • handling interruptions and difficult questions
  • extemporaneously altering the plan, getting back on track and staying focused and unflustered

The two-day format includes the following:

  • Highly interactive coaching format to drive lasting behavior change
  • Best practices for communicating in written, formal, informal and seated modes
  • Complete communicator organizing tool with digital Powerpoint-based version

Structure Business Critical Content Targeted to Executives or Customers

  • Optimize persuasive elevator pitch and executive briefings
  • Create a communications plan with strategic use of visual support
  • Deliver coherent recommendations and next steps with benefits to the business
  • Ensure clarity of key information, requested action or proposed ideas
  • Structure key points instantly
  • Select appropriate memory hooks for important concepts
  • Have back-up plans available

Manage Conversation and Meeting Flow

  • Generate support and buy-in
  • Incorporate feedback without losing focus
  • Deal effectively with interruptions
  • Handle high-level hallway conversations effectively
  • Stay on track and reinforce key messages
  • Answer difficult questions

Enhance Executive Presence

  • Project and inspire confidence
  • Cultivate a natural, conversational style

Cultivate Listener Adaptability

  • Practice using the DNA model (demographics, needs, attitudes)
  • and five levels of detail to appropriately communicate at the executive and customer level
  • Analyze and customize communications for varying audience needs
  • Extemporaneously add or subtract material in response to questions and listeners’ desires