Startup & Strategy Consulting:

Our consulting services are about unlocking the value of the mission and vision of the company through custom-tailored engagements based on extensive expertise, combined with decades of startup, investment and technology experience across industries and markets.

Our approach helps leaders realize substantial changes and transformation to future aspirations of the company, as well as producing strategic breakthroughs and bottom-line results.

Consulting Services include:

Startup and funding plans validation Business model canvas
Vision and strategy analysis Market/product fit
Goals and priorities implementation Governance and best practices
Team development Risks and Challenges

Executive Coaching:

I combine business expertise, organizational leadership, and entrepreneurship with the discipline of executive coaching. I guide CEOs, entrepreneurs, and senior executives toward performance excellence and acceleration of their career aspirations. As an executive coach, I will bring forward my depth of leadership expertise, business endeavors, startup learnings, to help successful leaders improve their organizational awareness, service orientation, executive presence, and emotional intelligence. I serve as a thought partner in guiding leaders to address their most complex leadership challenges.

Are you an executive in need of energizing your career forward?

Are you facing team challenges and you are uncertain how to proceed forward?

Does it feel like the future is uncertain and you need guidance?

I’m here to help. Executive Coaching will provide you with the personal support and guidance you need. Give us a call.

Executive Coaching is rewarding, effective, fun, future-oriented, action-oriented and above all, goals oriented.

Coaching Options:

Duration of 4-9 months depending on the needs and selected options
Weekly or bi-weekly 1:1 session to create conversations reflecting on the complex nature of the roles and responsibilities
Strengths assessment for the Client, and optionally for peers and staff
Deep insights: Personal interviews of select personas and constituents including internal and external people, exploring personal and professional boundaries, and identifying relevant insights with larger gains
Face to face meetings, supported by emails and as needed virtual conferencing
Virtual Shadowing