Length and Format:  Live Online: 2 x 1-hour fifty-minute virtual sessions

This highly interactive program can be a game changer for your organization! Based on our research conducted with our participants, people are spending, on average, 60% of their time in meetings and yet only 30-40% of those meetings are effective. Most say the meetings they attend are a serious “waste of time”. Add to that the increase of virtual meetings and those percentages are worse.


Achieving Meeting Excellence dramatically improves efficiency and productivity by offering practical solutions to the following frustrations:

  • A meeting agenda is loose, with no clear roles or responsibilities defined.
  • Participants wonder. “Why am I wasting my time here? I have real work to do.”
  • Attendees are sneaking a look at their messages rather than staying focused.
  • Attendees leave the meeting with no clear action items or responsibilities.
  • There has to be a “meeting after the meeting” to clarify what happened.

Cost:  $550/per person for the 2 sessions

Program Dates:

IDSession TitleDate AvailableFormat
1.Keys to Effective MeetingsWed July 24th
9:00AM - 10:50AM PST
Live Online
2.Mastering Meeting Facilitation Thu July 31st
10:00 AM - 11:50AM PST
Live Online

How Participants Benefit from this Program:

In this highly experiential and interactive virtual course,  individuals will gain invaluable skills and the confidence to plan and lead highly productive meetings. By the end of the course, they will be able to:

  • Determine when a meeting is the best option to achieve a goal
  • Determine who really needs to attend and what role they will play
  • Prepare an agenda that will accomplish the meeting goal
  • Achieve the highest level of participant interaction and collaboration
  • Deal with the most common personality challenges
  • Develop a reputation for highly effective meetings
  • Employ all these techniques and strategies in meetings

When meeting participants collaborate, innovate, problem solve, and make sound decisions, your organization flourishes. By employing these proven strategies in every meeting, you will cut your meeting time dramatically and increase the likelihood of getting the right people making better decisions in a shorter time.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to create an agenda that will drive to solid outcomes
  • How to determine the RIGHT meeting participants
  • How to effectively facilitate meetings balancing the meeting flow and people dynamics
  • How to run effective virtual meetings

Overview per Live Session

Session 1: Keys to Effective Meetings

The business case for effective meetings:

  • The 4 P’s of effective meetings
  • Determining when meetings are the best option
  • Identifying your Goal and Outcomes
  • Effective Agendas
  • Time Management Strategies

Session 2: Mastering Meeting Facilitation

Elements of excellent meeting facilitation

  • Understand common facilitation challenges
  • Identify elements of effective meeting flow
  • Recognize key strategies for meeting facilitation
  • Identify common behavior challenges
  • Utilize techniques that help balance Meeting Flow with People Dynamics
  • Review techniques to engage participants in virtual environments